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The Halloran School of Dance provides professional dance classes for all levels of dance. Beginners to advanced, child to young adult, your child will experience top level tuition which will bring out his or her best.

Classes are available on weekday afternoons and evenings and also on Saturdays. Private tuition is also available according to need.

You can join our school and train hoping to head towards a professional career or you can come along and just dance for fun.

Dancing is fantastic for your child’s confidence, deportment and social skills. The friendships that children can make through dancing can be lifelong friendships.

Classical Ballet

The Halloran School uses the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus (RAD) The graded system of RAD ensures young dancers develop gradually with age appropriate exercises. They will progress through the Grades and into the Major Syllabus as they mature as a person and a dancer.

Examinations are optional but our success rate is extremely high and your child will gain confidence with each successful level achieved.

Most students would need to attend two classes to be eligible to do an exam but the RAD also offers assessment exams that are perfect for those students that can only do one class and also for those students that want to do ballet for fun!

We also offer ballet classes for tiny tots. These run on a Saturday morning where the students start to learn the basics of ballet as baby ballerinas in a fun, friendly environment.

Irish National Dancing

The Halloran School is one of the leading schools in Australia for Irish Dancing. Your child will be captivated by the music and the exhilaration of Irish Dancing. Irish Dancing is a competitive form of dance and your child will be given the opportunity to dance all over Australia in National competition and may even dance internationally as many of our students have done.

You can also do Irish Dancing for fun. You can compete in beginner’s competitions if you wish or just come and enjoy the classes.

We have been teaching Irish Dancing in Sydney for 48 years, producing 133 National Champions, World qualifiers and World medal winners and now we even have our first world globe winner as Morgan Crammond placed 2nd in the World Championships in 2019.  We also have many professional dancers including 5 currently on tour with Riverdance.  

Jazz Classes

Fun, and great exercise. Your child will learn all styles of Jazz from Broadway to Contemporary to Funk. All our choreography is age appropriate. 

Tap Classes

High calibre tuition in this famous dance style. We offer classes in tap from pre-school to open age.

We give our students experience in different variations of tap dancing. 

They learn both rhythm tap which focuses on musicality and Broadway tap which focuses on dance.

Tiny Tots Jazz and Tap

We offer a Tiny Tots class for babies around 2 and half to 5 yrs. One class is for Tap and Jazz so they can get a little bit of both genres and then they can do a fun start to ballet as well. Classes are not too long as we know their attention span is limited.

Contemporary / Lyrical

We also offer Contemporary and Lyrical classes. Most of our junior ballet students choose to do the Contemporary / Lyrical class and our major students have Contemporary included in the full Ballet course. The students have performed some beautiful numbers in our end of year concert.

junior Tap.jpg
Done Concert 5.jpg
Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a fun class for students to start learning many aspects of the Musical Theatre Genre. They learn scripts, acting, singing and dance. Students absolutely love working towards our opening number in the concert. This is normally a huge production. 

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